Equinox Industries to Acquire Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings’ Business in France: A Strategic Move to Unlock Potential

Equinox Industries to Acquire Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings' Business in France: A Strategic Move to Unlock Potential

In a recent announcement, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (CCO) has revealed that it is in exclusive discussions with Equinox Industries, a Paris-based industrial holding company, to sell its business in France. This potential transaction signals a strategic move that could have significant implications for both companies involved.

Equinox Industries, founded in 1999, is renowned for its expertise in making long-term majority equity investments in mid-cap companies to transform and unlock their potential. With a specialization in corporate carve-outs and spin-offs, Equinox’s Managing Partners, Charles-Henri Rossignol and Thibaud Caulier, bring over two decades of investing and operating experience to the table. Currently, Equinox actively manages a diverse portfolio of nine companies, showcasing their ability to nurture and develop businesses to thrive in their respective industries.

As part of the proposed transaction, Didier Quillot, a Senior Advisor to Equinox, will be actively participating alongside the company and would be appointed Non-Executive Chairman of Clear Channel France once the deal is finalized. This strategic move underlines Equinox’s commitment to leveraging its seasoned leadership and industry knowledge to drive Clear Channel France’s growth and success.

The timing of the potential transaction is set for the fourth quarter of 2023, subject to the completion of an information and consultation process with Clear Channel France’s employee works council, execution of a share purchase agreement, and satisfaction of customary closing conditions. Importantly, the transaction does not require regulatory approval, streamlining the process and reducing potential hurdles.

While the financial details of the contemplated transaction have not been disclosed, it is important for investors not to make assumptions until the terms are officially announced. Nonetheless, the market’s anticipation of the deal reflects the potential value and growth prospects that Equinox sees in Clear Channel France’s operations.

For Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., the sale of its business in France marks a significant strategic decision. However, it is essential to note that the Company’s Board of Directors is actively reviewing strategic alternatives for its other European businesses. Therefore, there may be further transactions or outcomes in the pipeline. The absence of a set timetable for completion of these processes reflects the Company’s cautious approach, indicating its readiness to suspend the processes if necessary.

The proposed transaction between Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings and Equinox Industries holds several potential benefits. For Clear Channel France, being under the stewardship of Equinox with its expertise in transforming and enhancing companies’ potential could lead to renewed growth and expansion in the French market. Equinox’s track record of investing in mid-cap companies and nurturing them to success positions them as a capable partner to take Clear Channel France to new heights.

Moreover, the appointment of Didier Quillot as Non-Executive Chairman brings valuable experience and insights to Clear Channel France’s boardroom. His role as Senior Advisor to Equinox signifies the company’s commitment to providing expertise and guidance to its portfolio businesses.

For Equinox Industries, the acquisition of Clear Channel France represents an opportunity to further diversify its portfolio and reinforce its presence in the advertising and outdoor media sector. By adding a renowned player like Clear Channel France to its roster of investments, Equinox showcases its confidence in the growth potential of the out-of-home advertising industry.

The exclusive discussions between Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. and Equinox Industries to sell Clear Channel France highlight a strategic move with the potential to unlock significant value for both parties involved. If completed as planned, this transaction could pave the way for exciting developments in the French advertising landscape. As the companies move forward with the proposed deal, the market will be eagerly awaiting further announcements regarding the terms and potential outcomes for all parties involved.