How Brands Benefit From Advertising Near Large Sporting events

The Importance of OOH Advertising Near Sporting Events

On February 13th, the Super Bowl was hosted in Glendale, Arizona with the Kansas City Chiefs winning in the end, 38-35, against the Philadelphia Eagles. This large sporting event attracted well over 100,000 people that all traveled to Arizona to be part of the experience.

The large numbers of people coming into Glendale drove a significant increase in foot-traffic and more engagement with the valley’s OOH advertising market. Using OOH advertising in cities with these big events almost guarantees a growth in brand awareness and value. Companies are also able to target specific consumer segments with their advertising and sponsorship at these kinds of events making their message more memorable.


Overall, using OOH advertising in cities that host large sporting events like the Super Bowl can greatly increase recall and engagement. With events like the World Cup (2026) and Summer Olympics (2028) coming to Los Angeles in the near future, there is going to be an incredible opportunity for brands to leverage OOH advertising.